Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are becoming one of the most persistent pest insects and sometimes even the most experienced pest control company may need few treatments with insecticides and still there is no guarantee for complete extermination. It is true that the pesticide spray type of treatment, carried out by our bed bug specialists, is very low-toxic to people and it is the only method that will ensure long-lasting poisoning effect that will act on the bed bugs for weeks after the initial treatment. The major drawback with this method is that bed bugs evolved for the past few decades and developed various physiological defense mechanisms to resist the active ingredients in the professional insecticides and most of the commercial bed bug sprays. In addition, bed bug eggs, like many other pest insect species in their egg or larvae life stage, are the most resistant to all kind of toxic and non-toxic treatments.


There have been many reports of resistant bed bug populations across London and the UK, which sometimes requires other methods to be used with our bed bug eradication programmes, such as the heat treatment. Our dedicated bed bugs control company provides bespoke heat treatment solutions for commercial customers and residential bed bug infestations with guaranteed complete extermination. We offer targeted heat treatments for customers in residential properties and even single rooms across London and the outskirts. For businesses in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, hostels, motels, service apartments, bed and breakfasts, care homes, leisure centres and even cruise ships we offer exclusive discounts and the services of bed bug sniffing dogs that are able to achieve 3 times the bed bug detection success rate of a regular pest technician. After the initial inspection we will carry out the targeted heat treatment in all of the infested premises without missing a spot.

It is scientifically proven that heat treatment is the only method, which guarantees more than 90% chance of complete bed bug extermination of all life stages with just one treatment. Heat treatment is without any doubt the most efficient, human and eco-friendly method to eradicate any kind of bed bug infestation, regardless of how serious the case may be. Depending on the individual circumstances of the customer, our individually designed heat treatment may come with free of charge inspection prior to the treatment and insecticide spray right after the treatment, which will guarantee post-treatment control and reduced risk of future reintroduction of any sort of crawling pest insects.

The heat treatment requires heavy equipment to be used and 7-8 hours for the whole process to take place. Initially, pest technicians always carry out an inspection and risk assessment before they undertake the treatment. Certain temperature has to be maintained in the different areas of the premises treated, which may vary between 47 and 60 degrees Celsius, depending on the building’s fabrics and heat penetration probability. During the process we monitor the temperature on screens, making sure that the heat will reach even the smallest cracks and crevices, exterminating all life stages of the bugs. There is almost no risk of damaging electrical appliances and equipment or any other belongings. The treated premises for bed bugs will be safe to get back to just a couple of minutes up to an hour after the treatment.