Areas we cover

Bed bug pest control areas we cover in the UK

Bed Bug Hunters is a proud member of all pest control associations and bodies in the UK, such as the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), Basis PROMPT as the national registered pest technicians data base, the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA), including the CHAS safe contractor scheme. Our dedicated teams of BPCA certified pest operators provide bed bug control and eradication services in London, as well as in other areas outside the capital. Please see below the linked areas outside the capital, where we provide our services:

Bed Bug Hunters specialises in effective and safe heat treatments combined with professional-use-only insecticides, achieving the highest success rates of bed bug removal in our history. Following strictly the pest legislation in the UK and industry best practices, we approach each bed bug infestation individually. regardless of the case and level of infestation, our technicians are fully committed to cope with less treatments. The technicians are certified by the BPCA, thoroughly trained and experienced residential and commercial bed bug control. All local teams are very knowledgeable, being to tackle and solve any bed bug issue rather swiftly and discretely. They are always prepared to inspect, risk assess and treat the bed bugs in the most effective way, always aiming to cope with less treatments.

The process

Implementing effective and affordable methods with our treatments, we are aiming to eradicate all life stages of the bed bugs with less treatments. Taking all factors into consideration and knowing the bed bugs’ behaviour really well, it is a routine for us to create safe and effective action plan from the first call to the post-treatment procedures. We keep our customers well informed and educated, regarding the whole process, so that they can cooperate and help us achieve long-term results.


There are few preparation procedures prior to any kind of inspection or treatment. Those usually take not more than 1-3 hours to complete, even if the property is cluttered. In most cases the bed bugs do not randomly hide, nest or lay down eggs, so you do not have to prepare literally the whole property. As soon as preparations are done we can book you in for an inspection and risk assessment with potential treatment on the same visit. Our bed bug technicians first assess all general risks and risks associated with the property, any potential hideouts, then brief the customer on post-treatment procedures before undertaking the treatment.

The most successful and requested treatment is heat with dry steam combined with professional-use-only insecticides for best results. Those combined treatments are the most effective way to exterminate an established infestation of bed bugs, considering that the property is safe for pets and children just 4-6 hours after the treatment and 3-4 hours of downtime for adults.


Our pest technicians are thorough, treating every possible hiding place, piece of furniture and basically the whole property, as per the best practice codes for bed bug control in the UK. As part of the process they advise you on prevention from bed bugs while travelling, being the major risk of bed bug introduction. We treat free of charge all common areas in the property, such as hallways, stairs and landings, kitchen and living areas, in all domestic and commercial cases.

The products in our portfolio include the most effective professional-use-only insecticides in the UK. The way the professional active ingredients work, when applied by an experienced technician, cannot be compared to commercial bed bug sprays or smoke bombs. The DIY bed bug products work directly on the insects but the toxicity is just not enough to completely poison the bed bugs, resulting in their spread throughout the property.

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Our commitment

At Bed Bug Hunters, we are fully committed to cope with less chemicals and treatments applied in all cases. Therefore, we are specialising in instant bed bug extermination methods, such as the super-heated dry steam and hot air treatments. One of our top priorities is to eliminate or minimise health and safety related risks, as well as environmental risks, by strictly following the industry best codes and practices in bed bug pest control. We are proud members of the BPCA, NPTA, CHAS and CEPA, covering all standards in our industry. The treatments that we offer comply with the relevant pest control legislation in the UK, implementing cost-effective solutions and integrated bed bug management for sustainable results.