Bed bug sniffing dogs

Commercial bed bug detection by a professional sniffer dog

We provide rather discrete and effective commercial bed bug detection by a professional bed bug sniffer dog named Rio and her experienced dog handler in London and all the surrounding counties. The service is available only for industrial or commercial bed bug inspections with limited availability and negotiable terms.


We provide discrete bed bug detection in blocks of flats, hotels and hostels, schools, universities, cruise ships, trains, buses, airplanes and airports.

As a member of NASDU, our professional bed bug sniffer dog Rio and her SIA qualified dog handler are both able to detect new or ongoing bed bug infestations with incredible agility and accuracy.

Rio is a highly driven and intelligent Belgium Malinois, fully trained in detecting bed bugs only. This beautiful dog is being able to effectively detect a bed bug infestation at the very early stages, especially when the signs are not visible for the human eye.

Success rates of bed bug detection dogs

The bed bug sniffing dog success rates are also unmatched when compared to all other bed bug detection methods. Bed bug traps are the least efficient method of all, achieving less than 20% detection success rate at the early stages of an infestation. A human inspection by an experienced pest technician of the same infestation achieves from 60% to 90% efficiency. This is due to the fact that the bed bug signs may not be visible at the early stage of an infestation. Bed bug sniffing dogs have proven to be more accurate in bed bug detection than people at the early stages of an infestation achieving over 98% success rate.

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Bed bug dog detection for the hospitality and transport industries

Proactive inspection of a commercial property in the hospitality or transport industries by bed bug sniffing dogs ensures that an infestation is detected on time, before it becomes a more complex and serious problem.  The Bed Bug Hunters K9 unit is able to quickly and effectively determine which areas require treatment, so that they can be targeted directly with less disruption and cost implications. After the inspection, our pest technicians risk-assesses the property and recommends the best possible treatment method. We offer highly effective insecticide spray treatments, non-toxic methods, as well as combined treatments for maximum efficiency.  When it comes to the hospitality and transport industries, the sniffer dogs are saving time and money, while carrying out the work with less disruption and less inconvenience.