Bed bug steam treatment

Bed bugs are on the rise nowadays and they are causing a lot of stress and nuisance in mega cities such as London. They usually infest hotels, bed and breakfasts, care homes, hostels, as well as residential properties and shared accommodations. For many years now, the most common bed bug treatment method is the insecticide (pesticide) spray, as well as the commercial bed bug sprays, which are often inefficient and may spread the infestation around the property. Unlike commercial sprays, the professional insecticides we use, have proven their efficiency and have been specifically developed to be very low-toxic to people and considered human-friendly. The downside of the professional insecticides, however, is that they slowly poison the bed bugs after the treatment, resulting in increased activity and possible bites before the bugs are completely poisoned and eradicated.

The best practices in the pest control industry worldwide say that there should be a waiting period of minimum 14 days in-between treatments. In addition, bed bug eggs are chemically resistant and, in most cases, more than one insecticide spray may be required for the complete extermination and control of the infestation. The most efficient method for the eradication of all the life stages at once, without having to wait for days or weeks before the actual results, is the heat treatment using steam or hot air. Heat treatment with hot air is considered to be very effective for bed bug extermination of all life stages, however, it is a very laborious process and also the most expensive method of them all. Steam heat treatment with super-heated dry steam, on the other hand, is one of the cost-efficient methods for integrated bed bug management and control, ensuring complete removal and eradication of all life stages of bed bugs – adults, eggs and nymphs.

Pest control with super-heated steam is a non-toxic method that will not just exterminate the bed bugs and their eggs but will also eradicate many other pest insects that may have found shelter in your property or business venue. The heat produced from the steam flow reaches temperature of 180°C, causing thermal shock of all life stages of the pests only seconds after exposure to the steam. It is an intensive heat wave that can penetrate several layers of fabric and even the smallest cracks and crevices associated with furniture, skirting and floorboards. Our experienced pest technicians thoroughly inspect and risk assess all infested areas and they know where exactly to apply the steam with no damage to any fabrics or surfaces.

The super-heated dry steam is zero-toxic and it is suitable for use even in the presence of people in the premises treated and as such, it is a recommended method for pest control in the hospitality and public transport industries. Non-toxic treatments also ensure that there will be no chemical resistance developed in the bed bug infestation tackled.

There is no risk of chemical contamination with steam and it is safe for application on most furniture, mattresses and beds, where most pesticides should not be applied. However, steam can damage electrical appliances, other objects or areas where bed bugs typically nest. In such case our BPCA-trained pest technician will handle the problem in a safe manner, implementing a different method for bed bug control. Steam treatment with super-heated dry steam is an innovative system for bed bugs control with a minimised risk of causing a damp problem or mould growth.

Bed Bug Hunters is a company specialised in individually tailored bed bug pest control, providing an alternative to most popular chemical treatments that usually pose risks to our health. The super-heated dry steam that we use has proven to be very effective in the extermination of all life stages of the bed bugs and is absolutely eco-friendly and non-toxic method, which also sanitises and eradicates other pest insects.

Professional steam pest control is a very beneficial and considerably cheaper heat method, which sanitises and exterminates not just bed bugs, but also all life stages of fleas, dust mites, ticks, scabies, lice and other insects. The super-heated dry steam vapour eliminates many pathogenic fungi and bacteria, including e-coli, listeria, salmonella, tuberculosis, etc.

However, the super dry steam treatment does not have any post-treatment effect because the heat methods using steam or heat generators work only while the treatment process is taking place. This is why we recommend combined treatments with steam and human-friendly insecticides for maximum efficiency, long-lasting effect after the treatment and lower overall costs because of the fewer number of treatments required.