Bed bug steam treatment

Bed bug steam treatment vs. spray vs. hot air

Bed bugs are on the rise nowadays and they are causing a lot of distress and nuisance in mega cities like London. They typically infest residential properties and shared accommodations, as well as commercial properties, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, care homes, hostels. For many years now, the most common bed bug treatment method is the insecticide surface spray. While professional treatments with insecticide are still effective, the commercial bed bug sprays and smoke bombs prove to be quite inefficient, resulting in spreading the bed bugs throughout the property. The downside of professional insecticides, however, is that bed bugs are getting slowly poisoned, leaving them a chance to bite before they get completely poisoned and eradicated.


The best practices in bed bug control worldwide state that there should be a waiting period of at least 14 days in-between spray type of treatments. In the meantime, bed bug eggs may survive the treatment and, in most cases, they hatch. Respectively, insecticide spray only treatments usually require more than one spray until complete extermination and control of the infestation is achieved. The most efficient methods for instant eradication of all the life stages at once, without having to wait for days or weeks before the actual results, are the heat treatments with steam or hot air.

Heat treatments with hot air are considered very effective for bed bug extermination of all life stages, however, they are quite laborious, time-consuming and considerably more expensive. Heat treatment with super-heated dry steam, on the other hand, is one of the most cost-efficient methods for integrated bed bug management and control, ensuring complete removal and eradication of all life stages – bed bug adults, eggs and newly-hatched bed bugs (nymphs). Another advantage of dry steam treatments is the fact that they are completed times quicker, as opposed to heat with hot air treatment.

Pest control with super-heated dry steam is a non-toxic method that exterminates adult bed bugs and their eggs, as well as many other pest insects that could be residing in your property or business venue. The heat produced by the steam vapour reaches temperatures of up to 180°C, causing a thermal shock of all life stages of the bed bugs only a few seconds after the exposure to the steam. It is a targeted heat method that could penetrate holes, cracks and crevices in furniture, layers of fabric without damaging, gaps between skirting boards and wall, as well as floorboards. Our experienced pest technicians first inspect and risk assess all infested areas very thoroughly, so that they know exactly where to target and apply the steam without causing damage to any fabrics or surfaces.

Steam treatment benefits

The super-heated dry steam is zero-toxic and it is safe for use even in the presence of people in the property that is being treated and, as such, it is a suitable method for bed bug control in the hospitality and public transport industries. Heat treatments are also beneficial due to the fact that there is no natural resistance of the bed bugs to the heat.

Being specialised in super-heated dry steam treatments for quite some time now, our pest technicians apply safely this instant eradication method on furniture, beds and mattresses, various types of floors and carpets, with the only exception of rather delicate fabrics. Steam treatment with super-heated dry steam is an innovative system for bed bugs control with a minimised risk of wetting the surfaces where applied, causing a damp problem or encouraging mould growth.

Bed Bug Hunters is a company specialising in individually tailored bed bug pest control, providing an alternative to most popular chemical treatments. The super-heated dry steam that we use has proven to be very effective in the extermination of all life stages of the bed bugs and other insects. Being absolutely eco-friendly, this method also sanitises all surfaces where applied, making it perfect in cases of families having babies or toddlers affected by bed bugs.

Professional bed bug control with dry steam is a very beneficial and considerably cheap heat method that sanitises and exterminates not just bed bugs, but also all life stages of fleas, carpet beetles, dust mites, ticks, moths, scabies, lice and other insects. The super-heated dry steam vapour eliminates many pathogenic fungi and bacteria, including e-coli, listeria, salmonella, tuberculosis and others.

We highly recommend combined treatments with dry steam and professional-use-only insecticides for maximum efficiency, long-lasting effect after the treatment and lower costs overall, because of the fewer number of treatments required.