Bed bug steam treatment

Bed bug dry steam method

Apart from all other methods, the only method that achieves complete eradication within 2-3 seconds of all life stages of the bed bugs is the dry steam method. The device that we use produces completely non-toxic, super-heated dry steam, exterminating the bed bugs through a thermal shock. This method is the fastest way to remove any live bed bugs and eggs that we find during an inspection.


Insecticide “spray only” treatments usually require more than one visit until complete extermination and control of the infestation is achieved. The most efficient methods for instant eradication of all the life stages at once, without having to wait for days or weeks before the actual results, are the heat treatments with steam or hot air.


Pest control with super-heated dry steam works with nearly all insects. The heat produced by the steam vapour reaches temperatures of up to 180°C, causing a thermal shock of all life stages of the bed bugs only a few seconds after the exposure to the steam. It is a targeted heat method that could penetrate holes, cracks and crevices in the furniture.

Steam treatment benefits

The main benefit of the super-heated dry steam is the fact that it is non-toxic, thus treatment is applicable in the presence of people in the property, even small children and pets. It works perfectly well with nearly all insects and all life stages within a matter of seconds. Dry steam could be applied onto any kind of furniture or even some personal items and belongings. At a certain extent, dry steam eradicates bacteria, fungi and some viruses on the surfaces where it is applied.

Professional bed bug control with dry steam is highly effective, considered as an integrated bed bug management. It exterminates not just bed bugs, but also fleas, carpet beetles, dust mites, ticks, moths, lice and other insects. The super-heated dry steam vapour eliminates many pathogenic fungi and bacteria, including e-coli, listeria, salmonella, tuberculosis and others.

We highly recommend combined treatments with dry steam and professional-use-only insecticides for maximum efficiency.