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Bed bug control for businesses in London and the surroundings

Bed bugs are pests with a notorious reputation. With the power of social media nowadays, sustaining the good image of your business may be a key factor for success. Therefore, when it comes to commercial infestations, it is highly undesired that a customer discovers bed bugs on your premises. For businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries, transport and logistics companies, property management agencies we offer individually tailored bed bug removal and control achieving high success rates of complete extermination, complying with the relevant pest legislation and business standards. For all commercial appointments and businesses we also provide exclusive discounts and post-treatment care. Depending on the particular industry that we are serving, our bed bug treatments may involve  non-toxic methods combined with insecticides for best results and long lasting effect. As part of our bed bug control programmes we also provide professional advice on bed bug prevention, post-eradication control and monitoring. All of our commercial and domestic services are carried out very discretely and effectively. Our pest technicians have no logos on their uniforms and they drive unmarked vehicles, equipped with all the tools needed to completely eradicate the bed bugs with less treatments, less downtime and disruption to your business schedule.

BPCA members banner for Bed Bug Hunters

Bed Bug Hunters is a professionally insured and fully accredited company by the pest control industry in the UK. We are full members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), Basis PROMPT as the UK’s professional pest technicians register, the European Confederation of Pest Management Associations (CEPA), as well as the safe contractor scheme CHAS.

The chemical-free methods for bed bug extermination that we offer include targeted steam treatments, carbon dioxide and hot air heat treatments. If your business operates within the hospitality or transport industries we may provide you with our bed bug detection dogs service. The sniffing dogs are time and cost-efficient in cases of mid-sized and big hotels infested with bed bugs or other big buildings with more than 50 rooms or apartments, also airports and transport units, cruise ships and others. The chemical methods used with our integrated bed bug management typically involve the use of professional-use-only insecticides that are safe to people and pets. We work with the most efficient professional products on the market that have been developed for all kinds of applications in commercial properties, such as hotels, hostels and care homes, hospitals, public transport vehicles and others.


Benefits of combined heat and spray bed bug treatments

The insecticides that we use with our chemical treatments have been formulated in such way that they almost pose no risk to people after application, although they are deadly for bed bugs and other pest insects. Furthermore, insecticide spray is the only method that ensures long-lasting poisoning effect, as bed bugs die when they ingest sufficient amount of the active ingredient by crawling through the residue 3-4 weeks after the treatment. Another benefit of the professional insecticides is that the recommended waiting time before the treated premises become safe is usually just two to three hours. In combination with the non-toxic super-heated dry steam and heat with hot air treatments we ensure that every room is disinfected and it is available for use almost immediately. The combined heat and spray bed bug treatments work perfectly well with a number of other pest insects, such as booklice, cockroaches, fleas, textile and food moths, carpet beetles and their larva also known as “woolly bear”, flying insects and stored product insects (SPIs).

Integrated bed bug control for the hospitality, tourism and transport industries

Depending on the level of bed bug infestation or its complexity, we have developed various techniques and treatments to ensure the complete extermination of the challenging bugs. A vital part in the process of successful bed bug extermination is the clear communication between our company’s pest technicians and the personnel of the commercial premises that are being treated. The schedule and actions of our bed bug extermination team have to be well-coordinated with the daily activities and allocated tasks of the personnel. Special instructions prior, during and after the treatments will be given to them, as well as training on the different methods for prevention, post-treatment control and monitoring. Our BPCA trained technicians are very experienced, being able to individually risk assess all types of bed bug infestations and issue a report with all recommendations and professional advice to all the staff that may have to cooperate or deal with the problem. We offer to businesses in various industries an integrated, highly effective and discrete bed bug pest control, using low-cost combined heat and spray treatments in compliance with all the pest control regulations in the UK and the best practice codes.

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Contact us via phone, email, online forms or social media. Our knowledgeable call centre operators are available 24/7.

2. Inspection

We issue professional reports, following the inspection and risk assessment of the commercial property or vehicle.

3. Treatment

The bed bug treatments we provide for businesses are achieving high success rates, while complying with the relevant pest legislation.

4. Aftercare

After the complete extermination of the bed bugs we issue professional advice for prevention of re-introduction and monitoring.