Bed bug control cost

The cost of our dedicated bed bug treatments may vary depending on the number of bedrooms in the whole property. Our prices start from £60 for inspection and risk assessment only. The survey is free of charge in case that treatment is undertaken right after the inspection. No VAT, hidden fees or charges apply. For dry steam & insecticide spray  treatment the prices start from £300 pounds total cost per one bedroom property. We treat all the furniture in all rooms, as per the best practice code with this particular pest. Treating one room only is not recommended, due to the high chance/risk of spreading the bed bugs to the untreated areas in the property, where they manage to survive.

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Please note that the prices shown in the tables below are total prices in British pounds for dry steam and insecticide spray type of treatment. For appointments in the congestion zone of London we have a surcharge of £30 pounds at anytime during the week.

Dry steam and spray bed bug treatment prices

The prices shown below are in British pounds and they apply only for the initial treatment of whole residential properties with our combined and most efficient super-heated dry steam and residual spray type of treatment. This combined treatment achieves high success rates of complete extermination of bed bugs, as well as other pest insects, at considerably lower cost as opposed to heat with hot air. Therefore, dry steam and spray treatment is considered integrated bed bug management. We provide 40% subsequent discount for the first three treatments. In case that we do not manage to completely eradicate the bed bugs with three treatments, we guarantee two free treatments afterwards. Usually, we completely manage the bed bugs with 1-2 treatments. For more information regarding our guarantee terms and conditions please visit our T&C page.

1/2 Bedroom property

  • No VAT
  • No hidden fees

3/4 Bedroom property

  • No VAT
  • No hidden fees

5/6 Bedroom property

  • No VAT
  • No hidden fees

Residential steam & spray bed bug control

For all domestic bed bug treatments with dry steam and/or spray methods we provide 40% subsequent discount for the first three visits and complementary treatment of living and sitting rooms, hallways and staircases.  If we do not manage the infestation within 3 visits/treatments, we guarantee at least two free treatments afterwards. On average, we achieve complete bed bug extermination with just 1 treatment in 70-80% of all cases, using steam & spray methods.

At Bed Bug Hunters London we are fully committed to get rid of any bed bug infestation with less treatments and less toxicity to our customers and pest technicians.

Industrial bed bug control

For businesses in the hospitality, tourism and transport industries, property management and letting agencies, we provide highly effective bed bug control with hot air treatments at additionally discounted rates. Please contact our office if you wish to discuss a commercial bed bug issue and we may be able to arrange a free inspection and risk assessment.

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Treatment of the whole property is the best practice in nearly all cases of bed bug infestation. When we treat whole properties we calculate the charge only as per the number of bedrooms there. All other premises, including hallways, sitting and living room, kitchen, bathroom and storage areas are treated for free. The technicians treat all the soft and wooden furniture in all rooms, even if the piece of furniture is not affected, just as a precaution against potential bed bug spread. Our experienced and knowledgeable bed bug experts treat every possible hideout, crack and crevice, after inspecting and risk assessing the whole situation, as well as issuing professional advice and tips for prevention.