Domestic services

When it comes to bed bug infestations the first stages are unnoticeable. For us, specialists, there are certain indications that bed bugs have settled in even during early stages of an infestation. Our domestic services include detailed inspection and risk assessment of your property, individual programmes for bed bugs extermination using chemical and non-chemical treatments, targeted heat treatments, bed bug prevention and detection programmes, as well as post-treatment monitoring. The inspections that we carry out are very thorough, as we check all possible hideouts and furniture that may be affected, also we manually remove any live bed bugs and eggs during the inspection. For maximum efficiency we highly recommend treatment of the whole property, due to the risk of spreading bed bugs around the untreated areas. We offer great discounts for whole properties and subsequent treatments. For more information please refer to our Prices page.

Most often bed bugs break into our homes carried with infested luggage or furniture, they migrate by themselves from one building to another in very rare cases of severe infestations. However, bed bugs move from one flat to another, within a building or a block of flats, very often. When domestic infestations occur, it may be very stressful, time-consuming and exhausting to try solving the problem yourself. In a lot of cases, due to the use of commercial bed bug sprays and non-professional treatments, your efforts will result in spreading the infestation around the property. We strongly recommend that you call a professional bed bug control company, which will be able to get rid of the bed bugs successfully.

We provide not just another pest control service but a guaranteed solution to your bed bug problem. The methods of bed bug extermination that we use have proven to be safe for your family and pets, but nevertheless deadly for the bed bugs and other domestic pests. Depending on the complexity, level of infestation and chemical resistance of a bed bug population, more than one treatment may be necessary and respectively set down in order to achieve complete eradication. It is important that we work together with our customers to ensure the complete extermination of the bed bugs and essentially we might need your help with the preparation before the treatment process. Our friendly and professional team members are always ready to assist you as much or as little as you may require.

It is essential that we advise our customers and collaborate with them to ensure that they have a bed-bug-free environment at home. We are constantly reviewing our work cases and receiving feedback, thereby improving the effectiveness of our services. Bed bugs are a challenge for most of the pest control companies not just because they are difficult to hunt but they also develop resistances to chemicals and toxic treatments. Our company is regularly updating and studying new approaches to this pest, which sometimes may require the use of complex methods, alongside with full knowledge of bed bug biology and behaviour, which is also a part of our comprehensive training for bed bugs specialists.