Bed bug control Bedford

Bedford is the largest town in the Borough of Bedford and also the county town of Bedfordshire, located 45 miles north-northwest from the capital. There are other towns in the Borough of Bedford, some of which are Biddenham, Bromham, Clapham, Elstow, Renhold, Ravensden, Sharnbrook, Shortstown, Wilstead, Wixams and Wootton and others. Bedford is home to one of the largest Italian immigrant communities in the UK, as a result of labour recruitment from Southern Italy back in the early 1950s by the London Brick Company.

Our company provides in the town of Bedford and all surroundings quality bed bug removal services and emergency call-outs available within 24 hours, 7 days a week. Bed Bug Hunters is a member of all the pest control associations and fully accredited by the industry pest control provider. We specialise in bed bug control with less toxic or non-toxic treatments, achieving high success rates of extermination, control and prevention of reintroduction of the pest. The technicians are thoroughly trained and certified by the BPCA, very knowledgeable and always ready to treat right after the inspection and the risk assessments of the property. We are fully committed to get rid of any domestic or commercial bed bug infestation with less treatments, respectively less chemicals and money spent.

The process

At Bed Bug Hunters we look at each case individually, trying to find a long-term solution to the problem. Bed bugs spread with one’s infested luggage in most cases, especially when we travel. Since we know exactly how this is happening, we know how to reduce the risk and issue professional advice regarding all risks of bed bug introduction. In the majority of cases we achieve complete bed bug extermination with less treatments compared to the official benchmark in the UK of three full chemical treatments, issued by the BPCA, although bed bug control is always a matter of chance.


At the first stage of the process of bed bug removal we advise our customers how to prepare the property. There are few steps to follow, which do not take more than an hour to complete, without much of a hassle, except for the cases with very cluttered properties. The preparation involves decluttering underneath the beds and the floor level in the bedrooms, stripping off the beds and washing the bed sheets, covers and cases on 60C. Any clothes or fabrics that cannot be hot washed could be inspected only, as bed bugs cannot go through the fabrics. Vacuum cleaning of the floor and the furniture that could be affected by the bed bugs is the final bit of the preparations. Please make sure that you dispose of the vacuum bag or the contents in a safe manner by sealing them.

The next stage is the inspection and risk assessment of the property by our vetted and thoroughly trained pest technicians. They always take into consideration all factors and gather all the information regarding the bed bug problem before inspecting all potential hideouts of the insect. The bed bugs are social creatures and follow a pattern when nesting, which is making it easier for our technicians to locate the source of the infestation. When the customer is happy with all the findings and the risk assessments we can go ahead with the treatment straight away. In nearly all cases the methods include dry steam as a targeted heat treatment and insecticide spray with professional-use-only product. Those treatments are showing the best results, performed by our thorough and very knowledgeable pest technicians.