Bed Bugs and Cold Weather

Interesting fact: Bed Bugs are influenced by the weather conditions

Probably many people will be surprised by this fact but it is indeed proven that bed bugs behaviour and indeed life cycle is dependent on the weather conditions. The people who have had or are currently having a bed bug infestation may have noticed the following signs:

  • Reduced biting patterns over colder periods and the colder months in general
  • Reduced occurrence of the pest – the occasions when you spot the little bugs crawling are considerably fewer compared to the warmer periods and warmers seasons of the year
  • Reduced reproducibility of the pest – the rate of egg hatching slows down and it may even take triple of the temperatures are very low

These statements have a very logical explanation. Bed bugs are insects that prefer warmer environments. Their bodies are accustomed to developing and surviving at comfortable temperatures and when the winter comes and the temperatures drop, they start feeling uncomfortable. Temperatures lower than 15C are considered borderline for the development of the pest. Below 15C the bed bugs reduce the number of feedings and they start coming out to buy less frequently. Their eggs do not hatch within they typical period of 10 to 14/16 days and it may take up to 45 days for them to hatch.

This explains why it is a bit more difficult to tell whether you have completely eradicated the pesky pest infestation completely during the winter as you may get a bite 3 weeks or more after you have had a treatment, compared to the standard 2-week period.

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