Bed bug control Eastbourne

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For appointments outside the M25 circle and Greater London, we have £60 pounds surcharge for the initial treatment. An inspection only, outside London, costs £100 pounds total.

About us

Our company provides bed bug treatment and control achieving high success rates in Eastbourne and all the greater areas of Jevington, Pevensey, Polegate, Stone Cross, Westham and Willingdon, 24/7. Health and safety are always our top priority but also the results after each treatment are very important to us. In most cases with this pest, we manage with just one visit, which is the best possible outcome. We are members of all pest control bodies and associations in the UK, covering nearly all possible standards in this industry. Our dedicated and experienced technicians are trained by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), fully committed to cope with less treatments and chemicals applied.


The process

From the first call to the post-treatment procedures, we follow strictly the best practices and codes, so that we get the best results with our methods. We try to investigate each individual case of bed bugs and effectively get rid of the infestation in less visits. In most cases they are introduced after travelling or moving into an infested property. For the residents of Eastbourne and all businesses we provide cost-effective bed bug extermination and control achieving complete eradication in less treatments. The whole process starts with few preparations that we require the customer to do prior to our visit and then we send out a technician who inspects, risk assess and usually treats on the same visit.

Please note that our bed bug treatments work perfectly well with a wide range of insects, such as carpet beetle and its larvae, cockroaches, fleas, flies and other flying insects, fabric and food moth, spiders, woodworms and furniture beetles, stored product insects (SPIs) and others.

The preparations involve three basic steps, which do not take more than 30-40 minutes to do, prior to our visit. It is important that a property is fairly well prepared, so that we can carry out the work more efficiently, minimising the risks associated with this particular pest. The first step of the preparations is decluttering underneath all beds and making sure that any storage on the floor in the bedrooms and around the sitting area is enclosed in plastic boxes or bags.


The next step is to remove the bedding and wash on 60 degrees Celsius the sheets, pillow cases and all cases in general, but not the pillows or duvets/blankets. The requirement is minimum 30 minutes and 60 Celsius. Remember that the bed bugs cannot go through fabric, so they cannot be inside the pillows or duvet, unless those are torn or broken in some way. The final step is a thorough vacuum cleaning of the whole property, including the soft and wooden furniture. The hoover bag has to be sealed and disposed of in a safe manner afterwards, or the contents of the hoover, if it is bagless one.

Once the property is ready to inspect, we send a bed bug expert to assess the situation. We always inspect all hiding places of the bed bugs, to be able to find their nests and effectively get rid of them. Usually, we use dry steam as an instant eradication method, which kills all life stages of bed bugs, including their eggs in 2-3 seconds of direct exposure to the steam. The heat with hot air is also available, as well as the residual spray with the most advanced and efficient active ingredients in the UK. Our bed bug technicians are very thorough and treat the whole property, without charging the customer for hallways, sitting/living area, stairs and landings. We calculate the price only for the main bedroom and each additional bedroom comes very cheap on top of the price. For businesses in the hospitality and other industries we have lower rates, which are subject to our commercial T&C.