Bed bug control Hastings

Hastings is a town on the South coast of England and a borough in East Sussex, located approximately 53 miles south-east of London. Until the development of tourism in the 19th century, fishing used to be the main industry there. For more than 600 years, Hastings has been famous for being the home of one of the largest beach-launched fishing fleets and probably still the largest in Europe, also accredited for its sustainable fishing methods. Hastings is nowadays a vibrant and beautiful town on the South coast with lots of cultural and historical landmarks, schools and a university, museums and theatres, shopping and retail centres. For all businesses in the hospitality and tourism we create individual schemes and offers for instant bed bug eradication and post-treatment control.

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About us

Bed Bug Hunters provides quality bed bug removal and control services for the residents and business owners of Hastings 7 days a week, nearly 24 hours a day. We guarantee heavy subsequent discounts and free treatments, in the more difficult cases. On average, we cope with 1-2 treatments, which is considered by our association – the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), as high success rate. The benchmark of the industry is minimum 3 full chemical treatments for a single case of bed bugs. Our commitment is always to try and cope with less treatments, which is much better for our customers, technicians and the environment.


The process

The bed bug treatments we provide are highly efficient and cost-effective, as we use integrated methods and the best possible active ingredients for professional-use-only. Our bed bug technicians are vetted and trained by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), with vast experience and knowledge of the bed bugs behaviour, which makes it easier for us to investigate and close successfully nearly every case. There are few preparations that apply prior to our visit, potentially, and we ask our customers to strictly follow the steps as this is increasing our overall chances for successful treatment.

Please note that our bed bug treatments work perfectly well with a wide range of insects, such as carpet beetle and its larvae, cockroaches, fleas, flies and other flying insects, fabric and food moth, spiders, woodworms and furniture beetles, stored product insects (SPIs) and others.

When you book a treatment with us, we always tailor our advice for the preparations, according to the individual circumstances. There are of course three basic steps that are part of the best practice code. At first, our customer has to make sure that all personal items and belongings on the floor in the bedrooms or under the beds are sealed in vacuum bags or plastic boxes with lids on top. Bed bugs cannot access the sealed bags or boxes, but if bed bugs are suspected to have entered from before, when they had access for example, inspect manually or leave for the bed bug technician to check more thoroughly.


The next preparation procedure is the hot wash/drying on minimum 60 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes in the washing machine or a tumble drier. Dry cleaning is also an option, any more delicate clothes could be visually inspected and shaken outside the window, for example, as bed bugs do not tend to hide there at all. It is very unlikely that they settle in our clothes, besides, they cannot go through the fabric, so they cannot be in one’s mattress, unless the mattress is torn or has holes granting access inside.

The last step is a thorough vacuum cleaning of the floor, bed frame and mattress and soft furniture. Do not worry about removing signs of bed bugs, as their droppings stick to the surface and cannot be vacuumed up. The hoover bag or the contents have to be sealed before binning. As soon as the property is prepared, we send out one of our knowledgeable bed bug hunters to inspect, risk assess, and in most cases treat on the same visit, in which case our customer does not pay anything for the inspection and risk assessments.

The most requested bed bug treatment is our most effective and very affordable heat and spray option with targeted dry steam and residual spray. We treat all the furniture in all rooms, including hallways, sitting and living areas, landings and stairs, without charging anything for those common areas in the property. In more difficult cases, where we more treatments may be required by the customer, we always provide heavy subsequent discount and free treatments, which is subject to our T&C.