Bed bug control Milton Keynes


For appointments outside the M25 circle and Greater London, we have £60 pounds surcharge for the initial treatment. An inspection only, outside London, costs £100 pounds total.

About us

Bed Bug Hunters is also providing quality services in the area, as well as the surroundings, getting rid of domestic and commercial bed bug infestations at high success rates. We are fully accredited company by the UK pest control industry, specialising in bed bug extermination and control, prevention and monitoring programmes. Our team provides highly successful bed bug treatments in all areas in Milton Keynes and the outskirts with emergency call-outs available within 24 hours from the call. We are fully committed to provide safe and effective bed bug control of any type of infestation with less treatments, less time and money spent. The prices for the most efficient combined treatment of heat with dry steam followed by residual spray with low-toxic insecticide are very competitive, subsequent heavy discounts and free treatments are guaranteed.


The process

The process involves a few preparations to be done prior to our visit, potentially, and then our technicians inspect, risk assess and usually treat the property on the same visit. The first step of the preparation for the bed bug treatment is to make sure that there is no storage underneath the beds, especially in the affected bedrooms or areas, including the sitting areas in the property. Any type of storage, apart from sealed plastic containers or air-tight bags, should be manually inspected for the presence of bed bugs. They tend to hide in cardboard boxes, wooden cracks and crevices, papers and other natural insulation materials, rarely in clothes. Exposed personal items and storage should be kept away from the floor level, or if on the floor, it has to be enclosed in plastic boxes or bags.

Please note that our bed bug treatments work perfectly well with a wide range of insects, such as carpet beetle and its larvae, cockroaches, fleas, flies and other flying insects, fabric and food moth, spiders, woodworms and furniture beetles, stored product insects (SPIs) and others.


The next step is to remove the bedding and wash it on 60C, without the actual pillows, duvet or blanket. The bed bugs cannot penetrate the fabrics, so they cannot be inside those. Delicate fabrics, which are susceptible to hot wash, could be inspected and shaken outside the property, just as a precaution. The final bit of the preparation is a thorough vacuum cleaning of the floor and all the furniture that could be affected by the bed bugs. It is important to seal the vacuum bag or the contents of the hoover afterwards and bin them in a safe manner.

As soon as the property is set for the treatment our customers could book a slot for the treatment, which is available on the same visit of the inspection. Our technician assesses all general and site risks upon arrival, inspects all possible hideouts of the bed bugs and then he is ready to share his opinion and advice with the customer. If we have a green light, we could start and treat the property within 1-2 hours on average with only 3-4 hours downtime after the process. In general, the property is safe once the insecticide is settled down to the residue, as the only drawback is that the floor in the property should not be vacuumed thoroughly for about 2-3 weeks after the treatment. This is due to the fact that the bed bugs are getting slowly poisoned over the course of those 2-3 weeks. For any questions and exact quotes please do not hesitate to call our office anytime suitable for you, or send us your enquiry via the online form on the Contacts page.