Bed bug control Oxford

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For appointments outside the M25 circle and Greater London, we have £60 pounds surcharge for the initial treatment. An inspection only, outside London, costs £100 pounds total.

About us

We are a team of technicians that specialise in bed bug eradication and control, achieving high success rates and complete bed bug removal with less treatments. Bed Bug Hunters is a proud member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), CHAS safe contractor scheme in the UK, covering nearly all standards possible in the pest control industry. The technicians are knowledgeable and very thorough in every aspect of the process. We are equipped with the most effective products and active ingredients for professional-use-only, tools and methods for instant bed bug eradication and control. Our bed bug hunters use unmarked vehicles and are very discreet.


The process

Before we book an appointment, we assess the situation over the phone and advise the customer on what has to be done prior to our visit. There are three major steps that have to be followed, regarding any type of property or set up. The first procedure to inspect any storage from underneath the beds, drawers in the bed frame, the floor level in the bedrooms and the sitting areas. Once the storage or personal items are checked and there are no signs of bed bugs, those have to be sealed in plastic boxes or bags, ideally. Hanging clothes, upper shelves and drawers should not be affected at all, unless it is a high level of bed bug infestation and commercial products have been used. The bed bugs do not hide or lay down eggs randomly, they follow certain patterns and we know exactly where to find them. They hide in our personal items in less than 5% of all the cases.

Please note that our bed bug treatments work perfectly well with a wide range of insects, such as carpet beetle and its larvae, cockroaches, fleas, flies and other flying insects, fabric and food moth, spiders, woodworms and furniture beetles, stored product insects (SPIs) and others.

The next procedure is to strip all beds and wash the bed sheets, pillow cases and covers on 60 degrees Celsius. Do not worry about the pillows or blanket/duvet, as bed bugs are not able to go through fabrics, unless they are torn for example. Any delicate fabrics that may have been affected by the infestation could be inspected and shaken through the window only, as it is very unlikely that bed bugs would settle there. They prefer wooden cracks and crevices, cardboard boxes and paper stuff, but not clothes and personal items in most cases. The hot wash of the bedding has to be done also post-treatment, as the bugs are attracted to the clean sheets when they get poisoned.


Vacuum cleaning is the final step of the preparations. This stage of the process includes vacuuming of the mattresses, bed frames, under the beds, as well as the whole floor of the property. Once the vacuuming is over, the contents of the hoover have to be sealed and disposed of safely afterwards. After the treatment, potentially, the property should not be thoroughly vacuumed for about 3 weeks, which is the requirement after spray or combined heat and spray treatment. Spot cleaning, dry brush or broom is fine during the waiting period after the treatment. In most cases we apply our best methods and treat the whole property with all the furniture there, without any charge for hallways, siting/living areas, landings and stairs, kitchen and bathroom.

Our bed bug technicians always perform inspection and risk assessment right before the treatment itself, which works not just with bed bugs, but also with most crawling and flying insects, such as fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies, textile pests like the carpet beetle and moth larvae. The total downtime before safety is only 3-5 hours in nearly all cases. We guarantee our work with heavily discounted subsequent visits and free treatments, in rare cases of higher level of infestation or higher risk of potential hideouts of the bed bugs in the property. In nearly all cases we manage to completely eradicate the bed bugs with 1-2 treatments.